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   Welcome to Electric Boerboels, Breeders of The South African Boerboel!      
Our mission is to provide a stable, healthy, powerful, protective family companion!
   As you search for a Boerboel please remember, "Quality is not cheap, it is Priceless!"



                                                            THE LEGENDARY NOSTRAS ZULU 92.6
                                      #2 in The World For 2007 (Sabt Stud Register)


                                                             SPITSVUUR MOTTO 91.0
                                    #7 in The World For 2009 (Sabt Stud Register)

                                   These are just some of the Boerboel Puppies we have produced!
                              We are making every effort to uphold the standards of the
We have assembled an outstanding lineup of some of the best the breed has to offer. Our dogs are big and strong and each is a special part of our family.

The South African Boerboel can be, THE perfect family companion and protector, bred originally as an all around farm dog. The Boerboel is versatile enough to be a family companion and protector, something greatly needed in this violent and unpredictable world.

With a Boerboel on the job, your family and property will have a formidable guardian and deterrent to intruders, whether they walk on 2 legs or 4.
If you are interested in a loving devoted family pet that is rock steady, trustworthy with children who will also  watch over you and yours, the Boerboel might be for you.  

We have some of THE Best Boerboels around. Afrika Brody 91.5, Spitsvuur Motto 91.0, K.S. Bakari 90.0 and Electric Otto 89.5 are some of the Top Male Boerboels in the world today.

We also have dynamite females with stable temperaments, impressive builds and other great qualities to match up with them. 
This allows us to provide a Boerboel you can trust, rely on and be proud of!

A True Boerboel should be:
Obedient-A 150lb dog that is not, is unacceptable!
2. Loving and Affectionate-People oriented, always wanting to be by your side! 
3. Intelligent-Able to read you and your feelings, knowing who is your friend and who is not.
4. Courageous and Protective-Ready to meet head on any danger that threatens home or family.
5. Large-Muscular-Agile-Impressive in size and stature. People remember what a Real Boerboel looks like.
6. Excellent with children-Developing a strong bond and great affection for them. 

Boerboels are not for everyone. They are not bred to live on a chain. They are loving, good listeners, but they are big, unbelievably strong and they can be dominant. Plenty of socialization and exercise is in order.
If you take the lead and set the rules of the house, you and your Boerboel should do just fine!

                                                       "Buying cheap will cost you dearly"